Tanner Townsend

Tanner Townsend from Draper, Utah was born on 10 March 1998 to Matthew and Mardi Preece Townsend. He is a singer-songwriter who plays piano, guitar, and sings. His “music (is) a little differently then what you’re probably used to! I’ve experimented countless hours on the piano, finding every possible unique sound. From plucking, muting, and strumming the piano strings, to drumming on the frame like a drum. You could say I’m a “one-man band!” This is what I do!”

He has been playing the piano since he was 5 years old. He attended both Corner Canyon High School in Draper, Utah, and Alta High School in Sandy, Utah. His music videos can be found on his YouTube channel, and his EP titled “Tanner Townsend Covers, Vol. 1,” as well as, his full-length songs can be purchased on iTunes. He joined YouTube on 17 October 2012, and as of mid-March 2016, he has garnered 11,728 subscribers, and over 753,000 views.

Tanner commented:

I wrote “I Can Do All Things” because in my life I’ve struggled to feel like I really can make a difference. A lot of times I get down on myself and kind of feel depressed, but then every time I look to the Lord, I just feel so much peace; I just know that what I’m doing is right. I realized that if you put your trust in the Lord, you can do anything you want. You just know there’s nothing that’s worth worrying about, because with your trust in Him, you’ll be fine.

If you’re ever feeling down, like no one’s there to help you, or no one gets what you’re going through, just know that the Savior’s gone even lower than you have. He knows exactly where you’ve been; He can reach out to you. If you just look up to Him in those times of need, then you’ll be able to get through anything. And really, the Lord is the only way you can get through the hardest challenges in life.

There are always people around you to guide you to the right places. Whether it’s the Savior or your family or your friends, there are always people that can help you.

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